La maison Parcelle 26

Parcelle 26, an olive oil producer who masters both the cultivation of its olive trees
and the extraction of its oils

A unique domain

When the harvest begins in autumn, we select the most promising trees of the year from our 25 plots, following traditional methods. We harvest, select and sort the best olives from the best trees on our property, exclusively by hand and with the greatest care.

Because of sunshine, winds, temperature variations and rainfall differ each year, the best olives of 2021 will not be found in the same parcels as those of 2020, 2019 or 2018. And that is just fine!

Each year we recreate an imaginary 26th parcel, an ideal parcel, a dream parcel, a sublime parcel, made up of these best olives which only will be selected to produce a unique oil, of a rare elegance, a natural and living olive oil.

“Transmission is the foundation of any culture. Our terroir would not be what it is without the expertise of the community
that has always known it.”

At PARCELLE 26 we are producing premium extra virgin olive oil, by combining tradition and innovation in a sustainable development approach.

Our orchards are located in Zaghouan, Tunisia, in the heart of a traditional agricultural land where olives have been cultivated for thousands of years.

This land of more than a thousand years of oleicultural tradition benefits from an ideal climate for our culture.

Our sun-bathed Domain benefits from an ideal orientation and inclination along with a perfect exposure to the wind and just the right amount of rain; it is probably thanks to this alchemy that we succeed in producing an exceptional Tunisian olive oil recognized throughout the world.

champ d'olivier vert avec ciel bleu et une montagne en fond

“Parcelle 26 is the dream parcel, the result of a subtle alchemy of savoir-faire, instinct
and respect for nature”.

Did you know ?

Our agricultural process is in line with sustainable development and reasonable agriculture that respects the ecosystem of the olive fields. Our olive grove is certified “GlobalGap”.

Producteur huile olive

Our savoir-faire

A singular and respectful process


We are surrounded by a team of olive engineers who are involved throughout the year in all stages of the process of creating our exceptional olive oils. They are the ones who take care of growing and selecting the olives at optimum maturity according to the taste they want to produce for each oil – an early harvest, for a green fruity olive oil, and a later harvest for a more mature fruity oil.

Once the fruit has been hand-sorted, we extract the olive oil on the property at our mill, which is located in the heart of the domain.

Most mills press their olives within 24 hours after the harvest. At Parcelle 26, we are proud to say that we one of the rare olive oil producer that press our olives in less than 4 hours, which is a record! Why is this so important? Simply because from the first minute of this waiting time the olives start to age, ferment and oxidise. Oxidation increases the yield (the olives will produce more oil) but alters the quality. Throughout the process, our expert oleologists perform multiple tests on the olives to measure their levels of essential fatty acids and polyphenols.

The maximum authorised extraction temperature for cold-extracted virgin olive oil is 27°.

At Parcelle 26, we press at a maximum temperature of 20°: we thus choose to sacrifice the quantity produced (because the colder the extraction, the less oil the fruit produces) in order to preserve the volatile elements that will “speak” to your nose and your mouth.

Finally, after extraction, the olive oil is stored in oxygen-free tanks. We then bottle our olive oils according to demand in order to preserve all the nutritional and taste qualities of our premium olive oils.

The story of an olive oil producer

A father’s dream and the alchemy of an encounter

The first seed of Parcelle 26 grew out of a family story: the dream of a father passed on to his son,stemming from his roots and his values of work (well accomplished), patience and perseverance…

The story started thanks to the alchemy of a union of men, who knew how to synthesize expert knowledge, a rare intuition, and a rigorous work ethic.

Parcelle 26 is an unceasing journey to reach the highest level of quality
that an olive can express in a bottle.

The story continued with the support of leading figures in the gastronomic world, two talented chefs:
Bruno Doucet, one of the emblematic chefs of bistronomy, and Bessem Ben Abdallah,former executive chef of
Pierre Gagnaire, to whom he offered two Michelin macarons at Les Airelles in Courchevel.

Our oils have been awarded several prizes throughout the world and have continued to seduce other great chefs, fine grocery shops and a loyal community of enlightened and rigorous gourmets.

We continue to write this story with you every day through your most sublime dishesand in the best fine grocery
shops and restaurants…

A united family team

Our team is shared between Tunisia for the production and France for the distribution. The entire company thus ensures a direct link between production and consumers, giving them access to the best quality olive oil by controlling 100% of the supply chain: from the olive tree to your plate!

The Parisian team :

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Producteur d'huile d'olive

Commercial Director

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