Bag In Box 3L – 2ÈME|RÉCOLTE



2ÈME|RÉCOLTE is a light and smooth extra virgin olive oil. With green, fruity and ripe notes, it has a unique taste profile. It provides a wide range of fruity aromas such as apple and ripe banana as well as hazelnut and walnut.
This diversity of aromatic flavours is delicately balanced and highlights the uniqueness of our extra virgin olive oil.

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The Arbequina is an olive variety born in Catalonia (Spain). Arbequina oils have a rich and complex taste profile. The delicate aromas make for a smooth and well-balanced introduction on the palate.
These olive oils present a wide sensory spectrum with flavours ranging from almond, apple or banana to freshly cut grass. The presence of aromatic herbs brings out a nice refreshing feel. Notes of dried fruit can add a ripe fruity touch.


The quality and taste profile of our extra virgin olive oils are the result of a solid olive-growing expertise, an exceptional parcel of land and hardy olive trees.
Our olives are meticulously hand picked and pressed in highly controlled conditions in order to extract the best of the olive.


2ÈME|RÉCOLTE is an excellent tasting oil that perfectly complements meat dishes and fresh salads. It is also a great ingredient for cakes or Panacotta.

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